Good News

By: John

October 26, 2018

Image from  Aubrey Delinzer

Image from Aubrey Delinzer

Dad Confronts Bully!?

A father of an 8 year old, Aubrey Fontenot, heard that his son, Jordan, was being picked on at school by another boy. He was angry the first time he heard about it, but he confronted the bully in a better way; better than how the other angry fathers dealt with the problem. Aubrey Fontenot, Jordan’s father, invited the bully, Tamarion, for a talk. He asked why he was bullying Jordan, and surprisingly he was also getting bullied by other kids for not having clothes. The dad, Aubrey, called Tamarion’s mom, and his mom told him that they were going through a financial crisis.

Having found out that Tamarion was homeless, Aubrey took him to shopping at a local mall. They went shopping for clothes and spent money on him as if he was his own son. During the car ride, he was teaching the Tamarion life lessons and talked about morals, integrity, self-respect, and confidence. Aubrey says, “We have no clue what these children are going through these days because a lot of people just don’t care.” Later, the two boys talked this out (very awkwardly), and later started a conversation.

Finally, after talks and conversations, they became great friends. They play video games together, and do  many things together. They are also planning to have a sleepover in the upcoming days. Aubrey also started a GoFundMe page that raised almost $26,000. After a few days with Tamarion and Jordan, Aubrey said, “Things really turned out phenomenal!”

Image from Disney Wiki

Image from Disney Wiki


Layta Lester, a 5 year old that unfortunately has autism, was a girl with a dream to meet a Disney princess. On the other hand, Olivia Spark was out taking wedding photos, with her husband Caleb. Layta mistaked Olivia has a Disney princess, approaching the woman saying, “Cinderella! Cinderella!” Olivia spent time with Layta before she had to go later on. When Olivia shared the story to social media, people were touched, and raised a GoFundMe so Layta can get money to go to Disney World. It almost raised $10,000 over a span of 10 days.

Image from  BBC News

Image from BBC News

Man With a Dream

A 49 year old man, Palmer, spent 10 years in a wheelchair due to his multiple sclerosis. In 2017, he heard about a television program which experiments in cell therapy. Even though it is a risky procedure, people have seen miraculous results. He couldn’t feel his legs before and when he went through the procedure, he felt something in his leg, a cramp. Because he felt something in his legs, he cried tears of joy. Since he got his control of his legs back, he likes to dance with his wife, and now he gives people inspiration to people who has lost their abilities.