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By: Isaac

Nov 20, 2018

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

lil’ einstein

In Elementary School, the student of the week is Ryan. Ryan was very contributive throughout the interview. He even pointed out some of my flaws during the interview, which left me pleasantly surprised. Ryan’s favourite food is duck meat; strangely enough, Ryan enjoys watching Veggie Tales despite his affection for meat. Ryan’s favourite superheroes are Super Twins from a movie series called, well, the Super Twins. Ryan told me that he is especially happy when he hangs out with his mates at the playground.


Die-hard BTS fan

Our student of the week in Middle School is Sarah. Sarah claims herself a BTS fan, just like all the other girls in her classroom. Sarah’s dream is to go to college. If she could do anything for a day, she says she would steal tacos from Taco Bell. (Although I still don’t know if she said this as a joke, until further notice, I will assume that the statement was out of pure sincerity.) If she won the Lottery, Sarah would donate it to charity. If she could go to Starbucks with a celebrity, she would take (*surprise, surprise*) anyone from BTS.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

Mr. Branden

In High School, we chose Branden as our student of the week. When asked who he admires the most, Branden said that he looks up to our newest teacher, Ms. Lockman. Branden works hard to meet his parents' expectations at school and looks forward to becoming an instructor in the field of literature. When asked how he came to the realisation that Santa Claus isn’t real, he said that his friends revealed the cold truth during his time in Middle School.

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