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By: Christian

Oct 26, 2018

Picture by Christian

Picture by Christian

Daughter of Tech

Janice, a young 3rd grader from Ms. Kim’s class has been selected as the “Student of the Week.” To Janice, her hero is God because He is good and He helps people. Although she may not have a specific book that she enjoys, she likes fiction books. When asked what her favourite animal was, she said, “Hamster!” Janice’s favourite holiday is Christmas because, on that day, we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Her favourite movie is The Swan Princess. Although Janice had a little trouble thinking about what food she liked the most, she ended up choosing pizza over chicken. Travelling and discovering new hobbies are the two things that make her happy.

Picture by Christian

Picture by Christian

The Safely Endangered Hooman: Isaac

Isaac, an 8th grader, took an interview on October 28th with Christian. His favourite admirer is Jesus Christ. When asked what motivates him to work hard, Isaac replied, “Jesus Christ.” Although he doesn’t have any plans for his future, Isaac still says that he has big dreams. Isaac would use his chance to “go back in time” to warn Epic Games not to make the game, Fortnite; he said he would tell them that it will become an awful game. If Isaac wins the lottery, he wants to give it up for the charity so he can save himself from his own greed. If Isaac could do anything for a day, he would watch over himself so he doesn’t die of stupidity. Isaac’s favourite childhood memory is from when he was five years old because he lived in America and would often spent time with his father. Isaac never believed in Santa Claus since his parents never really enforced the idea of a fat man climbing down chimneys to deliver presents. A famous person Isaac would like to have coffee with is Ethan Klein from H3H3. As a final question, Christian asked him, “Who knows you the best?” Isaac responded promptly, “Jesus Christ” and left.

Picture by Christian

Picture by Christian

Brian the Brain, Brain the Brian

On the same day, Brian in 11th grade, was interviewed with the same questions as the ones that were asked to Isaac. Brian admires Albert Schweitzer, an old Alsatian theologian, organist, writer, humanitarian, philosopher, and physician. His motivation comes from his goal of using his own life to make someone’s life brighter. Brian’s plans for his future are to finish well with his education and hopefully get into a medical research institute. If Brian had a chance to go back in time, he would teach himself time-management skills since he’s struggling with it right now. If he won the lottery, Brian would buy himself a house, pay for college, then give the rest to charity. If Brian had a free day, he would spend his time with the people he loves. His favourite childhood memory is reading comics in his room with a blanket wrapped around him; preferably with tangerines :) Brian found out that Santa wasn’t real when he was five and saw through his parents lies of why they left the house on the night before Christmas. He would like to meet Chris Martin for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. When asked the final question “Who knows you the best?”, Brian said, “I think my parents know me the best, just because they spent the most time with me. “Sorry for the boring answer but iz all i got man.”)

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