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Three Special Students

By: John

May 17, 2019

Credit: Keaira

Credit: Keaira

The unsure child: sean

Sean Forster, a second grade student, was selected as a student of the week for elementary school. Sean Forster learns from Ms. Hake, the second-grade teacher. When asking Sean about who his a hero was, he said “I don’t know what a hero is.” So I don’t know what it is. His favorite book is Superman Book. His favourite time of celebration (holidays) is Christmas, mainly because it is Christmas. Since he is so young, I don’t think he knows about the true meaning of Christmas. His favourite thing to eat is Ramen. He says that it is, “the noodle thingy.” When also asking what his favourite joke is, he just responded with a simple “no.” Things that make him happy are movies. He likes to play “Legend of Zelda” on the Nintendo Switch.

Credit: Keaira

Credit: Keaira

Yerin’s new chapter

Yerin, the new girl in 8th grade, has been here for more than a month. In her short month in ICSU, she has been chosen to be the student of the week. I asked who she admires the most, and it turns out she admires her brother the most because he has been through such hard things like being in Germany alone, while still being happy and thankful. In the future, she views herself being in college, and also getting better at interacting with other people.

If she won the lottery, she would donate an unknown amount to charity, and she would use some to travel the world with her family. If she could have talked with her younger self, she would tell herself to not judge people before knowing them and to not be boastful of things. The last thing she would also tell herself is that there will be trials anytime, but she has to learn to be thankful.

Finally. Her favourite childhood memory was when she was back in Dubai, and it finally rained. When it finally rained, the whole country went outside and celebrated. Her classes also got canceled, so they could finally go out to celebrate.

Credit: Stephen Colbert

Credit: Stephen Colbert

senior army

Jaeeun, a senior, has gone through lots of experience throughout her school experience. To her, her mom has been such an inspiration because she gives her such good tips and advice. In the future, she looks at herself going to college, getting a job, and going to BTS concerts. If she won the lottery, she would donate some money, travel, and also even go to every BTS concert. From this, I can tell that she is obsessed with BTS. Her favourite childhood memory was when she went to Niagara Falls in Canada with her family and did apple picking there. If she could have talked to herself when she was younger, she would tell herself to study harder and to say that it was worth it. She also thinks that she should have said to do good to people around her, and always be thankful.

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