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Three Special Students

By: Irene

Feb 22, 2019

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

A shy girl with abundant of love of friendship.

Janice from 3rd grade was chosen as the elementary school student of this week! She started off the interview by talking about her hobbies which are drawing, and reading. When I asked when’s the most exciting time in school, she said that it’s when she is going to the library. She also stated that whenever her class does a science experiment, she gets the happiest. Lastly, she said that her school life is always better because her friend since kindergarten named Janice is always with her.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

A boy that plays hard and studies hard

Brian from 6th grade got selected for the middle school student of the week! When I inquired what his hobbies were, he answered that he loves watching YouTube for a long time and studies as much as he watches Youtube. His goal in school is to get a high GPA as well as succeed  to get into college. He said that one of the most memorable moments during the school year was the “Christmas concert”, which he is also looking forward for the upcoming “Spring concert” too! Also, one of his best friends, Joseph, is a smart kid, so he always gets (unnecessary) help from him. Finally, when he gets back home, his family greets him with the brightest smile that washes away all the tiredness from his school.

A senior who we should all get inspired from his thoughts

Paul Choi from the senior class got selected for the high school’s student of the week. Since he is a senior, he doesn’t  an abundance of freetime. However, if he does, he usually watches horror or action movies in the theatre because it relieves his stress. There are two interesting facts about him: he surprisingly likes Mathematics the most because there is only one definite answer. Moreover, he is an international student who lived in Mongolia, the United States, and Pakistan. When I inquired what is one realization you got while living a life of a student, he replied that the life of a student is actually exciting because you are in the critical period of intellectual development. He said that it is like a journey, in which you uncover new things everyday. Above that, if he could go back in time, he would have taken more opportunities to increase his knowledge and live a better life as a Christian. Additionally, he stated that he regrets that he sometimes hesitated to take the opportunities, not knowing that those opportunities would never be offered again.

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