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Three Special Students

By: Christian

Apr 29, 2019

Credit: Keaira

Credit: Keaira

The Not So Wimpy kid: Chad

Chad Key, a young and kind-hearted boy is our elementary student of the week. His teacher, Ms. Kim, is the third-grade teacher. According to Chad, Superman is his hero. Chad admires Superman because he saves and helps others and because he is a good person. His favourite book series is the “Wimpy Kid” series. Of the series, his favourite is The Long Haul. He enjoys these books because of their interesting stories. Chad’s favourite animal is the bull, although he has no reasoning behind why, he still likes it. His favourite holiday is Christmas because he is able to get presents, which makes him happy. Chad, unfortunately, does not have a favourite movie; he likes too many, so he can’t choose. He does have a favourite food, however: bacon. What makes Chad happy? Playing games. Games make him happy because he is able to play with his friends.

Credit: Keaira

Credit: Keaira

Caleb’s successor

The middle school student of the week is Samuel Poirier from the 8th grade. Christian starts the interview by asking Samuel who he admires the most. Samuel answers with Caleb (his eldest brother) because he is a hardworking, humble, strong, and capable person. He also sets a good example for others, which Sam strives to be like. Also, he likes that Caleb has a big nose. The next question asked by Christian is what Samuel’s motivations are to work hard. He answers that he wants to work hard now, so he can build up a good work ethic, which will benefit him in the future. Samuel’s plans for the future are to go to America and go to college. When asked if he has anything else he dreams of, Samuel answers, “that’s basically it.” If Samuel had the chance to go back into time, he would force his old self to be more focused on schoolwork and on things that “actually matter”. The next question, “what would you do if you won the lottery?”, is answered quickly by Samuel without hesitation. He responds that he will, “invest in the stocks, give it to [his] friends and family, use [the] money to build churches in remote places, and build a statue of [himself] t-posing” Samuel would play Fortnite, go swimming with his cousins, go scuba diving with them, and go skydiving with his friends if he could do anything for a day. He would go skydiving with his friends, so he can, “kill them by popping a hole in their parachute.” His favourite childhood memory is working in his family’s garden in America and seeing Caleb throw a rotten squash at Joseph. The following question is, “How old were you when you learned Santa wasn't real? How did you find out?” Samuel answers that he had never really believed in the first place. When asked why he would answer that there were too many flaws in Santa Claus’s story. A celebrity Samuel would like to meet at Starbucks for a talk and coffee would be Greg Paul; he wants to ask about his thoughts on his sons (Jake and Logan Paul) and their behaviour. For the final question, “Who knows you the best,” Samuel answers Caleb again. He says that Caleb knows him the best because they are very alike, and have many things in common. They also used to do everything together, which gives them a strong bond.

Credit: Keaira

Credit: Keaira

The Big poirier

The last student of the week is the 11th-grade giant Joseph Poirier. To start the interview off, Christian asks who Joseph admires the most. He answers that he admires Lonzo Ball. Joseph describes him as a god because “he drops dimes”. When asked what he meant, Joseph explains that it means that he makes nice passes. His motivation for working hard comes from people who talk “trash” about him. If Joseph is able to work hard and exceed people’s thoughts and expectations, he will be able to shut them up (“and lock them up”). The following question, “What are your plans for the future?”, is answered by Joseph in an interesting manner; he explains that he wants to open up a restaurant, get a Mustang, a nice wife, and kids who he can train to become the next “Ball Brothers”. According to Joseph, he would use his chance to go back into time to train for sports, eat less, and exercise when he was still skinny because he could have been a “beast right now”. When asked what he would do if he won the lottery, Joseph responds that he would go on a mad trip with his boys. On the trip, they would spend racks. When asked where he would go, Joseph answers that the information is classified. Christian then asks Joseph what he would do if he could do anything for a day. He answers that he would hang out Lonzo Ball because he is his idol. According to Joseph, his favourite memory as a child is when he hit Sam with a bat, and he started crying. One of his worst ones was when he was hung upside down by his father on a swing set. After this, Christian proceeds to ask how old he was when he found out Santa didn’t exist. Joseph states that he, “never believed in him. I knew he wasn’t legit since I was a baby.” A celebrity Joseph would like to meet is Rob Gronkowski. He would like to meet him because he is his other idol; he wants to learn how to run through people (football) and how to be so energetic and athletic. For the final question, Christian asks who knows him the best. Joseph answers, “Injae”, with no hesitation. Injae knows Joseph the best because he knows everything about him.

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