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By : Devin

Feb 16, 2019

Bacon bacon yum yum yum

Chad, a 3rd-grade student from Ms. Kim’s class, is a student who admires his dad. A few reasons are because Chad’s father always protects the family, and he is always the person you can rely on.

Let’s get back to Chad now; Chad likes to read comic books and his favorite holiday is Christmas. His favorite movie series is the Batman series from DC. He also loves to eat bacon and play games with his friends.

Rad Guy john

John, an 8th grader in Middle School is very popular among the students of ICSU. Everybody knows and loves John. The people who John admires the most are his parents because they always give him great advice on what to do when he doesn’t know. He also sees himself going to college, getting his degrees, and looking for a job.

If John wins a lottery, he will give a decent amount to charity and also to this school. He would also give some to his friends, use some for his own, and save the rest. His greatest memory is going to Cancun and swimming in the beautiful beaches and at the pool which was right in front of the beach next to his hotel. If John could give advice to young John, he would not try to persuade him, but would force him to learn good morals, and study more because he has seen the importance of academics.

Credit:  Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

I would’ve

Injae the 11th grader admires his grandfather the most because his grandfather taught him many things. Injae also wants to start a business in Canada. I did not get any specific details about it, but I am guessing that it will be great. If he wins a lottery, he would give all the money to his parents because he does not know how to handle money.

His favourite childhood memory is eating Chinese food. It is because he loves eating. If Injae could give advice to his younger self, he would advise him to start playing volleyball earlier than he did.

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