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Three Artists in ICSU

By: Isaac

Feb 22, 2019

Credit: Isaac

Credit: Isaac

Dabbin dabin

Dabin, our student of the week hailing from the second grade, had a fair share of things she had to say. Dabin’s personal heroes are her Mom and Dad, which although expected, is adorable to say the least. Her favorite book, or series, is the Chronicles of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis. Dabin’s favorite animal is the cat, and her favorite holiday is Christmas. When asked about her favorite movie, Dabin replied by stating that she liked The Incredibles 2 the best.  Her favorite food is Udon, and video games make her happy.

Credit: Isaac

Credit: Isaac

the PHILIPPINES has a special place in my hart

Hart, coming from the 6th grade, also had some interesting things to tell about herself. Hart admires our Bible teacher, Mr. Miller, the most and wants to become a teacher herself when she grows up. She would also like to go back in time to change her childhood, on the account of being embarrassing. If she won the lottery, Hart would donate the money to the Philippines in an act of charity. Hart would like to go to the Philippines herself. She had a pretty tragic story when asked how she lost faith in the existence of Santa. Apparently her siblings told her. Family can be cruel sometimes…

“Epic bass man”-an ANONYMOUS user

Our interviewee from the 12th grade, Jake, said some very intriguing answers to our questions. Jake said that nothing motivated him, and his goal in the future is to simply not starve. If he won the lottery, Jake replied that he would use the money to buy an instrument. If Jake could do anything for a day, he said that he’d rather stay at home than do anything erratic. He claims that he knows himself the best, which I assume that no one can argue against.

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