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Three Talented Students

By: Yun

Nov 30, 2018

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

Students who are family oriented

Austin from 4th grade was the elementary student of the week.

The first question was about his favorite food. He responded that “[he] like steak because [he] like the juice of the steak.” Austin immediately answered this question, so it is clear that he loves steak.

The following question was about his hobbies and activities he likes to do. Essentially, he likes to spend time with his family. He replied that “[he] like[s] to ride a bicycle with [his] father on the weekend.” Additionally, he shared that he likes to watch movies and play with his family. He loves his family, and he is very family oriented.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

Kind-hearted BTS fan

Allison from 7th grade was the middle school student of the week.

When asked whom she admires, she stated: "BTS because they are handsome." She loves BTS so much that she often sings BTS songs in school!

The next question was about her future dreams and goals. She proclaimed that "[she] wants to be a doctor to help other people." This is because she likes to help people.When asked what would she do if she won the lottery, she stated: "I would help my family, give some money to the charity, and buy a house."

Lastly, she mentioned that her hobbies are: watching YouTube videos and playing with her friends. She is very friendly and energetic, so a lot of the students like to play with her.

Credit: Yun

Credit: Yun

Future engineer

Junho from 11th grade was the high school student of the week.

When asked whom he admires, he declared: "Brian in Junior because he is kind, and he always tries to help people." It is impressive that Junho tries to learn something from his friend.

The second question was about his future dream. He told that "[he] wants to work at the mechanical engineering jobs." Since when he was young, he had an interest in engineering, so he wants to be a mechanical engineer.

Finally, he reported that if he could go back in the past, he wants to go back to 9th grade. When he became Junior, he realized that 9th and 10th grades were extremely important. This is certainly great information for the middle schoolers, 9th graders, and 10th graders to take into consideration.

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