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By: Samuel

Nov 9, 2018

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team


He was asked who his favorite hero is, Eden stated that he considers his dad as his hero because he enjoys playing video games with his dad. He added that Zelda is his favorite video game, and during his free time, he enjoys reading “Big Nate” or watching movies. Next, Eden’s favorite food is fish. Regarding his favorite animal, shark is his favorite because he is impressed with the massive animals. Last but not least, his favorite event is his birthday because he likes to spend time with his friends and family. He is happiest with his close relatives and when he plays Zelda.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team


Amy is motivated to go to college. Therefore, she concentrates on school because she wants to attend a good college and become successful. Also, she wants to own a cat in the future. If she could go back in time, she would change the poor decision that affected her future life drastically.

If she wins the lottery, she would buy a nice house and store the rest of the money in the bank. She would use her money wisely. She wishes to travel to another country and see what it is known for. She cherished the time when she went out with her family and made memories filled with joy. She realized Santa wasn't real when she read the notes “he” left, but recognized it as being her father’s handwriting. If she met Seventeen, a K-pop boy group, at Starbucks she would be overjoyed to have a conversation with them.


Christian from 8th grade says that he admires anyone who is better than him, and he strives to be like them or even better than them. He is constantly attempting to improve himself. He said that he is motivated because he does things for God and not for man (protestant work ethic), which he believes will allow him to be successful. If he could go back in time, he said he would tell himself to manage his time more wisely because it will strongly impact himself in the future.

He plans on having a stable job that doesn’t require him to be away from his home. If he wins the lottery, he would donate most of it to to charity and save his money for future uses. He would want to continue being unpopular and stay under the radar because fame would interfere with his life and the relationships with his family. If he had one day for himself, he would manage his time well. He said that he would read books for 2 hours, play video games for 3 hours, study for 1 hour, and then go to sleep for the rest of the day.

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