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Three Stars in ICSU

By: John

Nov 2, 2018

Credit: John

Credit: John

The animal lover

Ella from the first grade was interviewed by John on Wednesday, October 31st. She is called “bear” by her friends. Her teacher is Ms. Lee, the first grade teacher. When asked who her hero is, she said it was her mother. Her favorite book is Care Bears, a book written by a several authors. When asked who her favorite animal is, she responded “cheetah.” Her favorite holiday is Halloween. Her favorite movie is “Bolt”, a film made in 2008 by Byron Howard and Chris Williams. Her favorite food/fruit is a strawberry. When asked what makes her happy, she simply replied “Ice cream.”

Credit: John

Credit: John

The unsure man

Sean from the sixth grade was interviewed by John on Monday, October 29th. When asked who he admires, Sean replied, “I don’t know.” He replied the same when John asked what motivates him. Sean’s plans for the future are to play golf and study. If he could go back in time, Sean said he would like go back to 1 year ago when he was in 5th grade, and fix his test scores. If Sean ever won the lottery, he wouldn’t know what to do with it. When asked what he would do if he had a free day, Sean said, “I would sleep and sleep.” His favorite memory from childhood was playing with his friends when he was 8 years old. Sean found out that Santa didn’t exist when his father gave him a present himself, rather than the gift waiting for him under the tree. Sean was asked, “If you could have a coffee with any celebrity, who would it be?” Sean doesn’t know any celebrities, so he would go to the coffee shop, and drink his coffee by himself. To round it off, John asked who knows him best, and Sean responded, “My parents.”

Credit: John

Credit: John

weird & spooky senior

Sam was interviewed by John on October 31st. He is a senior in ICSU. John asked him who he admires, and Sam replied, “Quentin Tarantino.” John asked what motivates him to do things, and Sam said that money does. The next question was, “What are your plans for the future?” Sam said that he would buy hamsters in the future. The next question was, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” He said that he would buy hamsters. If he had the chance to do anything for one day, he would buy even more hamsters.

As we can see from this, he really likes hamsters. His favorite childhood memory was when he told his parents that he wanted to jump off the Thames bridge. He also believes in Santa, although he is a senior. When asked if he could select anyone in the world to have a drink of coffee, he said, “Quentin Tarantino.” He admires himself the most.

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