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3 Students’ Secrets You Never Knew Before

By: Keaira

Jan 21, 2019


Cheeseburger boy

First, I interviewed Zev who is a second grader in Miss Hake’s class. When asked who his hero was, he answered that it’s  God. His favorite book is The Frog and Toad, along with his favorite movie which is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. His favorite animal is the electric eel. The holiday that he enjoys the most is Christmas. When I asked what his favorite food was, he made a serious face trying to think of one out of all the others, but eventually said he likes a double cheeseburger the most.  Zev loves to make knock knock jokes. He becomes happy when he gets new things.

Credit: Yun

Credit: Yun

IU fangirl

The next interviewee was Amy in seventh grade. When I asked her who she admires the most, she said that she admires her parents the most. She doesn't know what she is going to do in the future and this moment. If she won a lottery she’d buy land and go to an IU and red velvet concert. Her favorite childhood memory took place in fourth grade when her best friend came to her birthday party. If she could tell her younger self some life advices, Amy would tell herself to not watch any scary movies or play violent games because it is bad influence. Rather, she would want herself to be happy and and active.

Country Conqueror

The last one was Matthew in tenth grade. He admires his grandfather the most because he is kind and generous. In the future days, he sees himself going to college.

If he won a lottery he would move to another country, buy a house, and live there. His favorite childhood memory was when he went to Argentina. For the final words, if he could tell his younger self something, he would want to say  “do not procrastinate on homework, and start studying on time”.

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