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By: Isaac

Oct 19, 2018

the Princess of 2nd Grade

Isabel Jang, a student of Ms. Hake in 2nd grade, was handpicked for our Student of the Week. Her favorite food is apple. Her favorite animal is dog. She also stated that she likes Princess movies. Her favorite holiday is Christmas since  she gets presents, which makes her happy.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

The man who looks like Idubbbz

James Bos, a 7th grader who somewhat resembles internet celebrity Ian ¨Idubbbz¨ Carter was also handpicked to be featured as the Student of the Week. James admires Mr. Loch, a faculty member of ISCU (if you don't know him, you never been to ICS). For his life plans, James stated that he just wanted to live to see another day. Mr. Bos said that if he can do anything for a day, he would just simply go home and play Fortnite. To the rest of my questions, James replied an answer that can be shortened to ¨meh.

Credit: Yearbook Team

Credit: Yearbook Team

Christian´s older brother

Steven Park from 10th grade has a younger brother also called “Steven” by many of his teachers in ICS. Steven states that he is motivated to be an excellent and kind person. If he could go back and change anything in history, Steven says that he would stop himself from getting ISS, stating, “It [ISS]looks really bad on my transcript¨. Steven´s ultimate goal is to go to Johns Hopkins and become a doctor. Steven´s favorite memory is when he went to Universal Studios in a field trip at his old school in America. Steven found out that Santa Claus wasn´t real when he caught his father putting his Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. He also stated that he cried himself to sleep when he realized that the merry Saint Nicholas didn´t exist.

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