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Three Nice Boys

By: Christian

Dec 10, 2018

Credit: Christian

Credit: Christian


James got the stares

From the 5th grade, James has been interviewed on December seventh. For the first question, Christian asked who James’s hero is. James stated that he, “isn’t sure”. James’s favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. The reason why he likes the series is because he enjoys the plot and story. Christian asked, “What is your favorite animal?” James answered with, “Monkey!” James’s favourite holiday is New Years. For his next question, Christian asked what his favorite movie is. James responded that it is Avengers: Infinity War. When asked what his favorite food is, James answered that he doesn’t have one. For the final question, Christian asked what makes James happy. James answered that video games and playing with friends makes him happy.

Credit: Christian

Credit: Christian

Tommy “Step up your shoe game” CuI

Tommy from the 8th grade was recently interviewed by Christian.

When asked who he admires the most, Tommy is unsure, and he answers with, “I don’t know.” Tommy’s motivation for working hard is shoes and games, because they give him something to look forward to, so he can work harder. When asked about his plans for the future, Tommy answered that he just wants to live a simple life as a common person. If he could go back into time to change anything, Tommy would prevent himself from living in China.

Christian asked what Tommy would do if he won the lottery, and he said that he would, “Buy a new computer, a house, a car, a school, and many shoes!” Tommy would simply sleep if he ever had a free day. His favourite childhood memories are when he used to play with his friends in China. When asked how he found out that Santa wasn’t real, Tommy answered that he was four years old, and he found out because his parents had told him. A celebrity Tommy would like to meet at Starbucks is Stephen Curry. To round the interview off, Christian asked, “Who knows you the best?”, and Tommy says that his grandmother does.

Credit: Christian

Credit: Christian

The one and only Josh

The senior, Josh, was questioned by Christian on December 4th. Josh admires his parents since they have gone out of their way to provide for 3 boys, even though they were already facing trials. He also admires them since they work as Sunday school teachers. Josh’s motivation for working harder is the thought of, “If I work hard now, I can provide a better future for myself and others.” In his own words, he stated that, “I work so I can have a build a better future for my family and the people around me.”

When asked about his future plans, Josh said that he wants to make enough money so he can not only spend it on himself, but be able to give it to others in need. Christian proceeded to ask the question of, “If you could go back in time and change anything, what would it be and why?” Josh, however, does not regret his past actions, so he wouldn’t take the opportunity at all. If he won the lottery, Josh would use the money to “Buy a nice house, some cars, holiday houses, and donate.” He would also travel with his family with the money. Josh would spend one free day to visit friends around the world and finish The Walking Dead.

His favourite childhood memory is traveling with his family. When Christian asked how old he was when he found out Santa wasn’t real, Josh refused to answer, saying that it is too traumatizing. A celebrity that Josh would like to meet for some coffee would be Natalie Portman. The final question, “Who knows you the best?” to Josh are his parents and his brothers.

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