Staff of the Week

This page is dedicated to the staff members at ICSU. We will be interviewing one staff member each week and asking them about their life inside and outside of the campus. This will provide a great opportunity for both students and parents to get to know the faculty who serve God's purposes at our school. 

This week we are featuring Ms. Yang.

Credit: Ms. Yang

Credit: Ms. Yang

Credit: Ms. Yang

Credit: Ms. Yang

Credit: Ms. Yang

Credit: Ms. Yang

Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend

Ms. Yang, who teaches the 4th and 5th graders at our school, was nominated as this week’s teacher-of-the-week.

Currently, she teaches math, science, and history in elementary school, and this is her second year teaching in Korea. She also coaches our cheerleading team as she relishes teaching here at ICSU.

Ms. Yang is from Iowa City in the United States, where she lived for the majority of her life. She came to Korea three years ago and has been residing in Uijeongbu for about two and a half years.  

During the interview, she told me that she has two brothers and one younger sister. She mentioned that “[she has] a lot of great memories with [her] siblings.”

Usually, during the weekend, “[she meets and eats] with [her] friends and family, run errands, cleans, or hikes.” From this, we can tell that she loves outdoor activities and is a very family-oriented person.

When she was asked what her favourite childhood memory was, she took some time to think about the question, later to claim that “baking with [her] mother during the holiday” was her favourite childhood memory. The fact that she took so long to decide what her favourite childhood memory was shows us how much she enjoyed her life as a child.

Acknowledging her as a true Christian, I asked her when she accepted Jesus as her saviour. She told me that “when [she] was in sixth grade, she noticed that Jesus was her Saviour, and Jesus fully satisfied her with His incredible love.” It was from then when she decided to follow Jesus because “[she] discovered the enjoyment and peace in following Him.”

One of her favourite Bible verses is Psalm 63:3, which states "because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” She has several verses she likes besides this verse, but above all this is her favourite.

Lastly, when asked why she wanted to become a teacher, she responded “I decided to become a teacher because I love to learn, I like change, and I get to be many things in one day.” Also, she stated that she wanted to become a counselor, scientist, nurse, mother, actress, historian, etc.

Ms. Yang was very considerate and friendly during the interview, and it was amazing to see her teaching her students with such love and joy. Thank you, Ms. Yang!