Staff of the Week

This page is dedicated to the staff members at ICSU. We will be interviewing one staff member each week and asking them about their life inside and outside of the campus. This will provide a great opportunity for both students and parents to get to know the faculty who serve God's purposes at our school. 

This week we are featuring Mr. Poirier.


Military Man

by Keaira

February 16, 2019

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The next question was “Why did you move to Korea?”. He replied back, “I met Mrs. Poirier shortly after I got to Korea as a young Christian, and I really enjoyed being here with solid Christian friends and away from my very dysfunctional family. I returned to Dongducheon Korea for a few months after marrying my bride and taught middle school science at the NICS school that was there at the time. For the next 15 years we lived in Massachusetts where our family grew from 2 to 5. We wanted to return earlier but responsibilities delayed our return until 2014 when the Lord opened all the doors for us to come back. There was an excellent course that Mrs. Poirier and I took that played a part in rekindling my desire to live a life of meaning and purpose. It is called Perspectives. Working with people is messier and harder than building homes or changing roofs but it is more meaning filled, and if done through us by God,  more durable.”


The first question I asked Mr. Poirier was “Why did you enroll into the military?”.  He said, “ I enlisted in the army because I was not sure that I wanted to build houses for the rest of my life. I am the 4th generation in my family who became a carpenter. I was 23 at the time and kept myself in excellent shape because even as a non-Christian I recognized that our bodies are of great value and if neglected would be a huge liability in life. Another reason that I entered the army was because I thought it would be a great physical challenge.”  

The second question was “How is it to be in a house with two young boys? He responded, “I grew up the oldest of 4 children and having 3 boys (Keul is one of the 3 now) living with us is a lot like that. I have always been the one who was responsible and "in charge".” So he has a lot experience taking care of young people.

Credit:Yearbook Class

Credit:Yearbook Class

The last question was “When did you become a Christian?”. He said, “ I became a Christian shortly after basic training when another soldier that I was stationed with explained why Jesus died on the cross. As a Roman Catholic I had always believed that Jesus was God and that He died and rose again but I didn't understand why. Looking back it seems like I should have wondered but I just accepted that the crucifixion and resurrection happened as a historical fact and didn't understand how necessary it was that He did what He did for me. It took a few days for me to respond to the truth that I needed forgiveness. I was a very arrogant fellow back then but despite all the success I was having I knew in my heart that I wouldn't make the cut if I were to face God. Once I turned from my agenda and asked to be forgiven and made new because of what Jesus did, it seemed like an emptiness that I wasn't even aware of before was filled and I felt more complete than I had ever before. I only served one enlistment in the Army and most of that time was spent in Korea.”

Mr.Poirier has an interesting story, so I recommend that you ask him some more questions about his life. That’s all folks.