Staff of the Week

This page is dedicated to the staff members at ICSU. We will be interviewing one staff member each week and asking them about their life inside and outside of the campus. This will provide a great opportunity for both students and parents to get to know the faculty who serve God's purposes at our school. 

This week we are featuring Mr. Knutson

Mrs. Miller with her husband, Mr. Miller

Mrs. Miller with her husband, Mr. Miller

Credit: Josh

By Isaac

December 3, 2018

Mr. Sage knutson

For this week’s interview, we chose the one and only, with a staggering height of 6’8, Mr. Knutson. Mr. Knutson came to ICS because he thought that it was a good compromise between America, his homeland, and Mongolia, Mrs. Knutson’s homeland. Mr. and Mrs. Knutson have 3 children together: Zoe, Zevulun, and Zaya. Mr. Knutson has quite a deep backstory with naming his eldest daughter, Zoe. Apparently, Zoe had been born prematurely, which put her in danger. However, Zoe survived, and,  as a result, Mr. Knutson named his daughter Zoe, which means “life”. Mr. Knutson is not only a math teacher for high school, but also the coach for the ICSU boys’ basketball team.

Mr. Knutson’s basketball career started in high school and his passion for the sport continued to grow throughout his time at college. According to Mr. Knutson, he later got “bored” of basketball, and decided to finish college, laying aside his life as a basketball player. When asked if he had to say anything to the ICSU basketball team, Mr Knutson said, “Some people love the sport, some people are competitive with the sport, but very few are obsessed with the sport. If you want to be the best, you have to pay the price.” Mr. Knutson said that he likes the school because of its family-like atmosphere, which I cannot agree with more. Mr. Knutson’s favourite memory that he “is allowed to say in a Christian school” is his English teacher, who constantly spoke sentences consisted of SAT vocabulary word, putting him in a situation where he had to decipher what his teacher was saying.