Staff of the Week

Our Favorite Lunch Lady

By: Keaira

May 17

Credit to Ms. Lee

Credit to Ms. Lee

The Staff of the Week for this week  is Jung Mi, Hong, the lunch lady who cooks our lunch everyday. Keaira interviewed her with Esther Ki translating the questions after a long day at work.

The first question was,   “how do you plan the lunch schedule?”. Jung Mi said, “The nutritionist carefully plans the lunches. Then the cooks cook the lunches with her” .

For the second question, which was “what is the worst part of your job?”.  she answered, “ There isn’t anything I dislike about this job, but we have to get a lot of work done by the end of lunch. That’s a little bit stressful. I feel rewarded when the students like what we made and eat most of it without throwing too much away”.  

The third question was “what is your favorite lunch to serve and why? “. “So, because ICSU is an international school with foreign students, we serve both Korean and Western lunches. But, I feel like they prefer the Korean lunches. Plus, I’m a better cook when it comes to Korean food than anything else”, Jung Mi answered.

Keaira further asked,  “what is an important change to school lunches?”. She replied, “ In my opinion the most important aspect of school lunches is the balance between calories and nutritions”.

When she was asked  “How can parents help serve better food?”, she answered, “The best they could do for us is trust that we are doing our best and the students are getting well fed.”

The last question was “what is the worst lunch menu you’ve ever made?”.  After a pause, she answered “I can’t think of one right off my head, but it’s  always challenging when it comes to new dishes”.

Thank you for making us such delicious food that gives us  energy for the rest of the day. God Bless You!!

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