Staff of the Week

Super Woman Teacher

By: Irene

Apr. 29th

Credit to Ms. Lee

Credit to Ms. Lee

This week’s teacher of the week is our favorable teacher, Ms. Lee. She has been teaching only for 2-3 years in ICS-U, however takes many role in school. She is one of teachers named, “Super Woman” because of her efforts shown in school.

The interview started with her stating that at the beginning of figuring out what she wanted to teach. She stated that it did not take much time figuring out, because she liked teaching life lessons to students with having a spirit of gratefulness and not complaining whether she got tiresome with her teaching gratitutes. Additionally, when she teaches variety of subjects, she enjoys giving effective knowledge. For the first grade, she teaches about tones; although you meant to say some words with good intentions, sometimes it might not receive as you thought to the opponent. Moreover, education of ‘how to socialize, be decent human teachings, ethics, responsibilities etc. are her teachings to her students.

Secondly, if she could teach another subject, it would be history because, students and the next generation would get to know how the history has affected today. Also, while she will be teaching history, she will be also be learning to herself and will force her to absorb capabilities.

When I inquired what was one of her memorable moments with students, she thought for a while because there were abundant memories, however if she had to choose one, she said it would be when she was talking about ‘Jesus’s return’ with her elementary students. To be honest, she said that that was a rabritail conversation since she started a topic with education, however she ended up talking about Jesus. She completed talking about Jesus to students, by saying, “Jesus will come back!”, she proclaimed that the students’ reactions were priceless. They were very excited and started running around the class more and more by her adding statement that, “In heaven, you don’t have to wear your glasses!” The whole class cheered with redeem.

Getting to her story of having a teacher as her job, she claimed that like everyone else, she experienced lots of tribulations and hardships. Being a teacher in ICS-U impacted more since it is a small school. She had to wear many hats. In other words, she had too many tasks and identity known and worked for; such as the head of the curriculum department, high school teacher, journalism teacher, soccer coach, volleyball coach, and more. She said that it was very difficult and compulsory for her. Especially because she had this fixed notion that she had to be excellent in everything and get loved for everything. However, today, she is trying to recover from this by extending grace to herself, and accept that it is fine if you are not perfect. Therefore, for the kids that are wanting to be a teacher, she wants to give an advice that firstly, see if you like young children. Second, you have to figure out whether you are a patient person. Then, you need to have skills to develop students and make them take from nothing to something, something to greater.

This interview ended by phrasing her life philosophy. “You should know that you are loved by God. Without knowing someone loves you, you can’t maintain your life with happiness. However, since we get love from God, us too have to pour love to people who don’t believe in God and don’t know they matter.”

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