Staff of the Week

This page is dedicated to the staff members at ICSU. We will be interviewing one staff member each week and asking them about their life inside and outside of the campus. This will provide a great opportunity for both students and parents to get to know the faculty who serve God's purposes at our school. 

This week we are featuring Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Miller with her husband, Mr. Miller

Mrs. Miller with her husband, Mr. Miller

Credit: Josh

By Sam

November 16, 2018

Mrs. sharon miller

Mrs. Miller (librarian) has lived in Korea for 17 years. Her favorite memory here was when she went to a water park with Mr. Miller, Levi, and Luke. It was during December, so the water park was somewhat empty, allowing her to have good time with her family. She enjoyed laughing with her family and making good memories together.

Her favorite book is Anne Of Green Gables because she enjoys the relaxing, interesting story line. It also contains funny and “suspenseful” moments. The book is written in a way that engages the reader and enables them to relate to the characters. The book makes the reader want to read each page and read the  the book again later on.

Her favorite author is Agatha Christie, who is known for her mystery novels. The suspense drives her to read carefully and pay attention to the meaningful details. Mrs. Miller stated that mystery is her favorite genre because it interests her, and she can assume the ending by connecting things earlier in the story.

Her favorite part of being a librarian is the fact that she can help people and watch them get caught up in a good book. She enjoys serving people and assisting them in their struggles. She is happy when she reads books, and she was the happiest during the birth of her two kids: Levi and Luke.