Staff of the Week

This page is dedicated to the staff members at ICSU. We will be interviewing one staff member each week and asking them about their life inside and outside of the campus. This will provide a great opportunity for both students and parents to get to know the faculty who serve God's purposes at our school. 

This week we are featuring Mrs. Poirier.


Credit: John

By John

November 9, 2018

Mrs. Dawna poirier

Mrs. Poirier teaching her kindergarteners about grouping

Mrs. Poirier teaching her kindergarteners about grouping

I had such a wonderful opportunity to interview Mrs. Poirier, who has been part of the ICSU family for such a long period of time. It is no doubt that she has always made significant contributions to the ICSU community through her consistent support and care. I asked the following questions to Mrs. Poirier to help you know more about her.

Mrs. Poirier was asked, “Have you been a Christian since birth? If not, when did you convert?” Mrs. Poirier responded that she was not born into a Christian family, but was raised as Unitarian Universalist. She met Christ when she was twenty-one years old and shared the gospel with her family.

Then she was asked , how many sons/daughters she has. She answered that she has three wonderful sons. Her sons’ names are Caleb, Joseph, and Samuel with the order given from the oldest to youngest.

Next, I asked how many years she has been living in Korea. Mrs. Poirier responded that she had lived in Korea for 8 years in the 1990s. She has returned back to Korea, but this time with a family. And, this is her fifth year in Korea since her return.

Fourthly, she received a little comical voice, when asked if she had a favourite son. Mrs. Poirier was baffled by my unexpected question and asked me if I was trying to get her in trouble. She stated that all her children are special in their own way and that she has no favourites.

Following the previous question, she was asked “Is Korea better than America; if so, what is better?” Mrs. Poirier stated that both countries have been wonderful, but they can both become better. Mrs. Poirier also stated that Korea is a “welcoming, safe place for our sons.”

To conclude, the final question was “What is one thing Korea can improve?” Mrs. Poirier responded that she would like to have more vehicles that slow down or stop when she is crossing the street. She would also like for the people to get off their phones and actually watch out for cars and other vehicles.