Boys’ Volleyball

Credit: Yearbook club

Credit: Yearbook club

Volleyball is coming to an End

By: Keaira

November 2, 2018

For this week’s sports write-up, I asked Samuel (a player on the boy’s team) and Coach Poirier about the boys KAIAC tournament on the weekend.

The first question I asked Samuel was, “How did you feel about the tournaments results?” He replied that at first he was disappointed, but then he adjusted to the results of the games, and he was content and impressed with how well the team played against teams in 2 different divisions. The second question was, ”What have you improved in volleyball?” Sam improved in his overhand serve, and was also happy that he improved at receiving and passing, which resulted in better sets by Peter. Next, I asked him, “What is one thing that the team could have improved?” He answered that the team could have improved on receiving the ball from the other teams that they played.

The last question for Sam was, “Do you think that you will play volleyball again next year and why?” Sam will be playing volleyball again, because he loved the enthusiastic season, and he hopes that it will be like that again next year.

Credit: Yearbook club

Credit: Yearbook club

See you Next Year Volleyball

For this interview, I got Coach Poirier to answer a few questions. The first question Coach Poirier got was, “Who was your MVP and why did you choose him?” He answered, “I chose Injae Lee because of his performance on the court, the benefit that he is to the team during the game as he gives guidance as captain, and for the way he is able to interact with the referees.”

Next, I asked, “What is your goal for the next volleyball season?” Coach Poirier responded, “To see the guys use what they have learned and experienced as an undefeated team and to help them understand that the greater purpose in life is to live a victorious life in Christ. I also expect that they will have an even better season next year than they did this year...even going undefeated to the END of the tournament.”

In addition, I questioned, “What motivates you to teach volleyball?” Coach Poirier stated, “It is an opportunity to be a blessing to them by helping them to become men who not only win on the court, but more importantly, to win in life and have the satisfaction that comes in a life well spent.”

Furthermore, I inquired, “What is one of your best moments of teaching Volleyball?” Coach Poirier, reminiscing, answered, “ It was last year when I returned from the States after my dad's funeral and watched the guys  win their first game, but I actually enjoy just watching them making great plays."