Boys’ Basketball

Credit: Yearbook

Credit: Yearbook

Eagles Vs. Phoenix

By: Sam

November 23, 2018

Last Wednesday on the 21st of November, the boys’ basketball team traveled to Dalton in Incheon. The boys played first and went up against the best team in the White  division. The scores were very close during the first three quarters. Throughout the game, the boys displayed significant improvement in passing and, especially, free-throws. While the boys made 1 out of the 7 free-throws that were given last game, the boys  made 5 shots of the 7 that were given. During the third and fourth quarter, the team starting falling apart and became exhausted very quickly, allowing Dalton to take charge of the game.

The boys’ game was extremely competitive and they fought really hard. Although Dalton is known to have the best basketball team in our division, we managed to make them struggle on their path to victory. Dalton was rather surprised to see a school composed of roughly 90 people put up such an impressive fight against a school of nearly 17 times its size.

Unfortunately, ICSU came back without a W but was not ashamed of their performance. The coaches believe that the players have the potential to win but  not the experience that other schools might have. Only a few members in the boys’ team have experience in playing competitive basketball; the boys weren't able to show their full capability as it took a while for them to read the opposition's  tactics.

The Eagles have a long history with Dalton and we always seem to have elicited the right competition that sharpens both teams  significantly. So far, , the boys have been consistent in growth as both a player and a team. But they need to continue to make good passes and relax when on the court.

At the end of the day, it's important to realise that basketball is, not only about  competition, but also about having fun and enjoying the skills God gave us.