Game on!

By: Isaac Kim

February 18, 2019


The Soccer season has finally begun! (Yay!!) Now, as you may know, both staff and students had a rocky start, mainly due to the lack of numbers on the girl’s team. Ten members had originally joined, one left the school, and one dropped out of the team altogether. One player is injured, making the roster consist of seven capable players, and one injured. Let’s see what their coach for this season had to say about her expectations this year.

Credit: Isaac

Credit: Isaac

Our very own soccer coach, Miss Yang, had quite a lot to say about the team. Her utmost goal for this season, she said,  is to help the girls grow not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually through each other. While hoping that nothing bad would happen throughout the season, Miss Yang fears that her team will harbour some regrets as they play or even look back on their failures. Despite the forthcoming struggles, Miss Yang stated that she hopes for improvement amongst the players as a whole. Miss Yang put an end to the interview with a thank-you to those who joined the soccer team not only to play soccer, but also to keep the school in KAIAC.

Credit: Isaac

Credit: Isaac

Miss Lee also had her fair share of things to say. She fears that the number of players on the team would be a huge detriment to their future performances. This might cause the ICSU team to forfeit certain games, which will keep us from winning the conference. As for hopes, Miss Kim wishes for her players to improve as a team—as one representing ICSU as a whole. She closed the interview by saying, “We want to encourage them to grow in spiritual, emotional physical maturity. To be successful as a team means to encourage one another, trust one another, and utilize all team members as if we are one body in Christ.”

September 29: ICS Vs. KKFS

October 10th: ICS VS. KKFS

October 19th: ICS VS. DCS

November 10th: ICS VS. YISS