Boys’ Basketball

Credit: Keiara

Credit: Keiara

Boys basketball

By: John

November 16, 2018

The boys basketball team played their first game on November 10th, which was a friendly against YISS. The results were not so great; the boys lost by 11 points. I interviewed 3 players from the team: Devin, Samuel, and Josh. They all had similar opinions about the game, saying that they could have done better. Devin stated, “We could have done better, but it was our first game. We learn a lot through our problems, and we can do better in our first season game.” Samuel stated, “I was impressed, but I was also disappointed. We could have done better, but I was impressed since it was our first game as a team.” Josh stated, “I don’t think we were mentally and physically ready. We could have done better on defense, shooting, and free throws.” Even though the boys fought their hardest, they could have played better. Their first season game is against Kent Korea Foreign School. Let’s hope they get what they hoped for and win their first varsity game.

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