Boys’ Basketball

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Boys basketball

By: Devin

November 9, 2018

Number 14

Samuel from 8th grade is a member of the basketball team. Now that the season has started, he joined the team with a few of his friends as number 14. His goal is to become better at dribbling and doing layups so that he doesn’t become a burden for the team. I hope Sam grows throughout the season and accomplishes his ultimate goal.

Number 5

John is also from 8th grade. John’s personal goal for this season is to score 50 points in total. His team goal is to beat Dalton, which is the best team in the White Division. This is a challenging goal to accomplish, but I truly believe that if the team tries their best, they can accomplish anything.

Number 1

Josh from 12th grade is number 1 for the boys basketball team. His goals are to finish the season successfully as a senior, to build strong bonds with his teammates, and to play with the best of his ability.

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