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Prompt: Single-sex schools are better for education.

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Pro - Paul

School should be an optimized setting for students to learn with minimal distractions. Also, it should accommodate the preferences of the students when it comes to learning. Hence, it is better for schools to be differentiated for boys and girls.

First of all, for the students in the age of puberty, having students of opposite gender would likely serve as distractions. Clearly, the priority of the students is to focus on academics in class. But with the center of attention being shifted from academics to the opposite gender, the students would not reach their academic potential. As for people who are concerned that this would establish more stereotypes, according to greatschools.org, several researches show that single-sex school could actually eradicate gender stereotypes as each gender is not given presupposition to what they should excel in school, and so, they can freely delve into the subject of their interest such as math, science, English, and art.

Also, boys and girls tend to have different preferences of learning styles. Teachers could specialize the learning styles that are more effective for the particular gender in a single-sex school. Not only that, greatschools.org states, “Some research indicates that girls learn better when the classroom temperature is warm, while boys perform better in cooler classrooms.” The single-sex school could be customized in accordance with the gender’s preference.

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Con- Jaeeun

Today, in a society where people have become extremely sensitive with “genders” and the definitions of a male and female, schools are getting affected too. With the majority of the schools in the U.S still being co-ed, or mixed schools, parents are starting to question the benefits of sending their kids to a co-ed school instead of a single sex school. Co-education has social benefits, allows males and females to become more prepared for real-world situations, and get exposed to more diversity.

Co-education has social benefits for both male and female students because it teaches them how to socialize with the opposite genders. Some people who were not educated in coed schools often found it hard to socialize with the opposite sex since they were not used to interacting and talking to members of the opposite sex. Students in mixed classrooms experience being with classmates of the opposite sex and become familiar with existing with them. It teaches them about co-existence and at the same time prepare them for after they get out of school where they will have to deal with different kinds of people. Also, if young boys and girls are exposed to diversity in an early age, they will find it easier to adapt in different environments when they grow up. This diversity set-up will also be significant when teaching other forms of diversity such as cultural and social.

Therefore, co-educational schools should be given more attention and promoted more in the education system.