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Question: Should phones be allowed in school?

Credit to familyeducation.com

Credit to familyeducation.com

Pro - josh

First, we have to be clear on what is meant by “allowing” students to use their phones at school. Currently, at ICSU, students are allowed to carry their phones and use them to the extent that they won’t hinder their own learning. The ICSU handbook states that “unauthorized use of phones will result in disciplinary action.” So far, I have experienced and watched our students take advantage of their electronic devices and make good use of it during school times.

It is a widely known fact that phones can be used as important learning tools when used under the supervision of a school staff or a teacher. I’ve used my phones a few times to utilize the educational applications that I can download on my phone to further my education. I’ve also used my phone to join online quizzes like Kahoot to participate in class activities.

If students get to carry around their phones, they could also keep themselves updated on emergency situations. In the case of a whole-school lockdown or medical emergency, phones could help students to communicate with the right people at the right time.

For these reasons, I believe that it is wise for a school to allow their students to carry their phones around at school and use them at necessary times, which could enhance their education in various ways.

Credit to thecampuschronicleasu.com

Credit to thecampuschronicleasu.com

Con- Paul

Distraction is a severe issue with students living in 21st century. Most of the distractions today stem from the portable electronic devices that many people carry with them everyday—that is cell phones. Due to the concerns of multiple abuses that could result from allowing cell phones at school, it is reasonable to state that cell phones should clearly be banned in school.

The school’s primary goal is to furnish a positive academic environment that entails socialization and education so that the students could have higher prospect for success. But, this could be intervened by the introduction of the lethal device that causes the students to stray away from studying and interacting with others. In fact, according to BBC, “the London School of Economics found that banning phones had the effect of giving pupils an extra week’s education over the course of an academic year.” As phones could easily be utilized without being noticed, people could use their phones for entertainment during class and even for cheating during test. Not only that, during the break, people could engage themselves in the virtual world rather than interacting with other people personally. As a result, the whole purpose for a school would be eradicated.

Of course, restricting cell phones could sound a little conservative and inflexible. However, the drawbacks that result from allowing cell phones outweigh the benefits we could possibly have by permitting them at school. And, many of the benefits of cell phones could clearly be compensated through computers, which are mostly acceptable in school.

Hence, it is wise for the schools to prevent students from using their phones.

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