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Question: Should our school have Halloween?

By Paul, Jaeeun.

Image from pexel.com

Image from pexel.com


Before I begin my contention on why we should celebrate Halloween at our school, I will first talk about the roots of the holiday to eliminate the prejudice surrounding it. History.com states that Halloween originates from the Celtic festival called Samhain that was held on November 1st to celebrate the new year. However, after the introduction of Christianity, All Saints Day emerged from the Samhain celebration. And, the night before the holiday, All-Hallows Eve, became what is known as Halloween today. While Halloween we celebrate today does indeed entail some aspects that are not entirely pertained to Christianity, it should not simply be regarded as a holiday that goes against Christianity.

We have to take into account that other holidays like Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day also have some secular characteristics that are still readily accepted by the school. Although our school does focus on the Christian aspects of the holidays, we do oftentimes associate Christmas with Santa Claus, Easter with the Easter Bunny, and St. Patrick’s Day with Leprechauns. Just like how we keep the intent clear when celebrating these holidays, while being more flexible with the traditions intertwined with these holidays, why can’t we dress up in different costumes with the exceptions of ghosts and bring back good old Jack O’Lantern? Halloween is a great opportunity for our school to elevate the school spirit through various events like Halloween costume competitions and pumpkin carving.


Image from theheartylife.com

Image from theheartylife.com


Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries, mainly the U.S.A, followed by many others such as England, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and recently, Korea.
You can find Halloween-themed decorated stores, and Halloween related events along the pathways in the cities of Korea, and everyone dresses up in order to show their Halloween spirit. However, should ICS, a Christian school, celebrate this particular "holiday"?
Well, the answer is, ICS should not be celebrating Halloween, because Halloween is a holiday that was made for the dead, and it is the sacred holiday for the Wiccans, the official religion of witchcraft. Although the costumes have become very diverse and free nowadays, dressing up as scary characters such as ghosts or witches has been the tradition, and still are Halloween staple costumes. These "fictional" characters resemble demonic ideas, and are also deeply related to witchcraft. However, in 2 Corinthians 6:17, the Bible tells us to "come out of them..and be separate...touch no unclean thing." God wants His children to be set apart form the world and from sin and evil. But the act of celebrating this holiday along with the Wiccans, a holiday where people decorate their front yards with tombstones, is not pleasing to God at all.

So as a Christian school, ICS definitely should not be celebrating Halloween, but instead, we can have an alternative holiday and still have fun.