School Events

Spring Concert

By: Sam P.

April 30, 2019

Picture from  my pen needs ink

Picture from my pen needs ink

Spring Concert was held at the nearby church. Ms. Lockman was responsible for pulling it all off. The students have been practicing for many months. They have come a long way and impressed the parents. Many obstacles have hindered the Concert from happening, but in the end, everything was sorted out and came out wonderfully. Ms. Lockman has put countless hours into perfecting the songs and making it as smooth as possible. All of her work has paid off in putting on a good show for the parents to enjoy their kids performances. The Concert included Irish dancing, guitar, singing and refreshments. It set a happy environment for the spectators and allowed everyone who attended to forget their problems and enjoy one another.

The Concert left many positive memories in people’s minds and really helped a lot of people deal with stress and just get out and enjoy others who they haven't seen in a long time. Many compliments and positive statements were said after the concert was all said and done. Mr Miller has been working hard to teach students to play guitar. Most of the people haven’t touched, let alone play and they became very impressive. They played smoothly and together they succeeded and put on an enjoyable show for the parents. They have come so far this year and made Mr. Miller proud. Another successful concert made a good name for ICS.                

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