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By: Christian

Mar. 8, 2019

Picture from  my pen needs ink

Picture from my pen needs ink

Read-A-Thon is an event hosted by the elementary teachers from Febuary 11 to March 10 with the objective of helping raise donations and encouraging students to read. Students in kindergarten through fifth-grade of ICSU will be reading and receiving donations to help the students in the schools in Lamane, Philippines and Tagbanwa, Philippines. The goals for the children are to receive 800 writing pens and 800 toothbrushes.

ICSU students who are participating in this event  are trying to learn while having fun. When they read a book, they practice their fluency in reading, and also begin to “foster a love for reading”. By reading, they will also be raising donations, which will help them become proficient in being involved citizens. To get donations, the students will have sponsors who will donate certain amounts of toothbrushes or pens depending on how much they have read. They will be setting a goal for themselves, and each day, read to meet their goal.

Picture from

Picture from

Along with just reading, they have “optional tasks that will help them interact with books and authors in a fun way.” The incentive for the children to read is their love to help others and to learn. Another way that they are encouraged to read is being given rewards every time they meet their reading goals. Since the theme of the Read-A-Thon is “On Target With Reading”, the children will be able to receive the opportunity to shoot a bow and arrow if they meet their goals. The last reason to read is in order to provide materials for the other students who don’t have them but need them.

To wrap things up, the Read-A-Thon is an event for the elementary students of ICSU to help them be taught how to be involved citizens and be encouraged them to read, learn, and practice their reading fluency.

A Read-A-Thon info sheet provided by Miss Hake

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