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White Wonderland

By: Isaac

Dec. 3-8, 2018

Hmm... It seems like there aren’t any special events this week. So what am I going to put here? Well, how about we switch things up now? As we all know, Winter break is now over! (insert cries and screams of bitterness here) So what were our teachers up to all that time? We went to five different teachers and asked them if they could describe their highlights for this winter break! Let’s go!

Mr. Miller went to Cambodia for winter break, as you may know. His highlight during the trip is when he went down a river on a raft. The tide was low and Mr. Miller was told that the water level could rise up to twenty feet. When he went out into a larger body of water, he saw a village on stilts, which, he said, resembled trees. He was particularly surprised when he saw a Korean church in the village.

For our one and only Canadian teacher Mr. Krahn, he went back to China for his winter holidays. He revisited his previous school and spent Christmas with his former students. He also visited a family that was very close to him. According to Mr. Krahn, it felt as if he was spending time with his real family.

Our Music Teacher Miss Lockman, also, had a very eventful holiday. Apparently, her family takes Christmas very seriously, which has made every Christmas she’s spent a memorable one to remember. As usual, she spent Christmas with her family which included a huge brunch that left everyone full even throughout supper time. Her family also hosted Secret Santa, where she got her brother a present related to his occupation as an engineer.

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