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Colleges, Colleges, Colleges!

By: Keaira

Nov. 9, 2018

Yearbook Team

Yearbook Team

The colleges that visited our school were Oral Roberts University located  in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cairn University in Longhorn Manor, Pennsylvania, and a planned visit  on the 20th from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mrs. Lancaster answered a few of my questions regarding these visits:

What is the main reason that colleges are visiting ICSU?

Colleges and universities are visiting ICSU because they see a lot of potential in our students. The college and university representatives know that ICSU is accredited and that the quality of education is high compared to other international schools in Korea. Representatives also know that our students have moral values, are very personable, and also relatable because of the previous students that have applied to their schools, their past visits to our schools, or even through our reputation.

What type of colleges are coming to the school?

We have had many liberal arts, private, Christian colleges, and universities visit our school.

Why did you choose these colleges to come to the school?

Most often colleges and universities reach out to our school for a visit. However, I do reach out to Christian institutions and also places that our students would really excel in based on their personality and their areas of interest.

Yearbook Team

Yearbook Team

Who came up with the idea for colleges to come to the school?

This year we were hoping to have more opportunities for our students to become exposed to a large number of post secondary options that they have available to them. College visits are great because even when students are not looking into the specific colleges and universities that are being represented, the presenters usually provide workshops or very useful college and career-related information for our students.

Have you done this at other schools, if so how were the results?

The previous school I worked in did not have any college visits that I knew of. However, college visits are very beneficial because they bring college opportunities, scholarships, and even direct contact with the admissions coordinators which can always raise a student’s chance of admittance to the schools.

 In conclusion, choosing colleges can be tough, but considering the future it might turn out to be the best decision that you have ever made in your life .

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