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Creative Souls Become a Character for a Day

By: Yun

Oct. 25, 2018

Credit: Yearbook team

Credit: Yearbook team

On Thursday, October 25, there was a Storybook Day in ICSU; students and teachers dressed up in their favorite storybook characters.

Many of the students were excited about this event for some time, and they enjoyed the Storybook day. The brains behind the event belonged to our principal, Ms. McKinney, who had many reasons for it.

“I wanted us to have fun and build a love for reading. Also, one of the good thing about reading is you get to delve into the lives of the character, and through this event, you can explore little deeper to the story.”

The purpose of this event was to build a love for reading, and the teachers wanted students to be creative while they were preparing their props and costumes for the Storybook day. Also, October is an ILTRM (I Love To Read Month), so a storybook day is a perfect event for this month.

"Storybook day advertisement stated that, 'To enhance the experience of the students, we ask that they try their best to make a creative costume resembling a character from their favorite book.'"

At 7:50 AM in the ICSU cafeteria, the students had a costume contest in which they were judged by Ms. McKinney, Mr. Havill, and Mrs. Havill. One of the winners of the contest was Lucy in 8th grade. She dressed up as Reyna from Heroes from Olympus, and she chose this character because this book is one of her favorite books.

“I chose this book because this is one of my favorite books, and I like Reyna’s personality.”

The judges chose Lucy because of her creative costumes and put a lot of effort into it.

The judges said: “Lucy’s costume was extremely creative and well constructed. Also, she presented well on the contest, so we chose her.”

Credit: Yearbook team

Credit: Yearbook team

There were many students who participated in the Storybook day even though they couldn't win the contest this time. One of them was Jin Kim from 4th grade, and she dressed up as Peppermint Patty from Peppermint Patty Goes Camping. She even wore makeup to demonstrate the character realistically!

Overall, many people enjoyed the Storybook day, and they did well in acting out their favorite characters.

Credit: Yearbook team

Credit: Yearbook team