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PSAT 8/9

By: John

May 6, 2019

Picture from  my pen needs ink

Picture from my pen needs ink

In April 15, 2019, the 8th and 9th grades took the PSATS. After the students got to school, they got ready, took their things they need, and lined up outside the library. We got told the instructions, and we wrote down our name, school address, house address, etc. After first period ended, we started our first subject, Reading. We had 50 minutes to do 43 questions. First, we had to read a story that was about 2 pages long. A fellow student that took the SATs, Esther Ki, says “I think it wasn’t that hard and we had enough time to check. It was [easier than expected] and I think studying [for the PSATs] was a good idea.”

Next, there was the grammar test, and we got tested on our knowledge about our uses of the English language. For the Language Arts test, we got given 30 minutes, and had to do 40 questions. As a test taker, the test was pretty easy, since it was multiple choice, and we basically just had to fill in the right word the multiple choice that was given.

Picture from

Picture from

Third, there was the Math without a calculator section. That test was overall difficult but had some easy problems. We had 20 minutes to solve 13 questions. The questions did not require calculator, but the process of calculation was still challenging. . A 8th grade, Samuel Poirier, thinks that “[The math test] was hard but it was good to get back to what was happening.”

Finally, the last section of the PSATs was the Math with calculator section. Christian Park thinks that, “It was so easy, and so stupid because it was so easy. I think it should have been bigger numbers, because there were no use for the calculators.”

A Read-A-Thon info sheet provided by Miss Hake

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