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Xiaomi Mi 4

Image from  HERE

Image from HERE

By: Sam Woo

Febuary 22, 2019

Today I want to do a review on the phone Xiaomi Mi 4. This phone was released in China in August 2014, which is already 4 years ago! The phone was developed by the Chinese electronic company called Xiaomi which is known for its cost-efficient products including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Using this phone, users can play games without having to pause because of lags or bad wifi connections. Users can also take full advantage of the Android software, through which they can buy or install different applications on Google Play, check their email on Gmail, and save photos on Google Photo. However, the problem with Xiaomi Mi 4 is its storage capacity. While iPhones and other smartphones come with an internal storage of up to 256GB, Xiaomi Mi 4 comes with only 32GB of storage capacity. Storage capacity can only be expanded up to 128GB manually with a memory chip.

As a user of the phone, I would give the phone a five out of ten. If you are going to buy a phone that will not be used for gaming, I would recommend him or her to buy a different phone.


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