Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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By: Devin

January 18, 2019

Nintendo’s Brawl!

On December 7th, 2018 , Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released. This game sold 3 million copies in 11 days based on Nintendo’s statistics. The Super Smash Bros. series are one of the Nintendo’s most popular game series along with Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Mario series.

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The original Super Smash Bros. had only twelve playable characters.With the popularity rising for each successive game, Nintendo included third-party characters, and Ultimate contains every character playable in the previous games. A few of the characters are able to change into different forms that have different types of play and sets of skills.

The SSB Ultimate was first planned in 2014. On Bandai Namco Entertainment’s website, a post came up about recruiting programmers for Super Smash Bros 6. However, Masahiro Sakurai said something about the possibility of retirement on the January of 2015 and also stated that she does not know if there will be another Super Smash Bros. series. Thankfully, she didn’t retire, and on March 8th, 2018, the teaser for the new series came out. The game is really simple, with one button used for standard attacks and another used for special attacks. Players can perform different types of moves by holding the directional controls up, down, left or right, or in a neutral position while pressing the attack or the special ability.

There are conventional "battering items", such as a home-run bat or a beam sword and throwing items, including Bob-ombs and Koopa shells. There are also shooting items, either single-shot guns or rapid-fire blasters. Recovery items allow the user to reduce the damage percentage by varying amounts; they are shaped like food or items from other games. Poké Balls are special items that release a random Pokémon onto the battlefield to temporarily assist the user. Brawl introduced the Assist Trophy item which serves a similar purpose; instead of releasing Pokémon, it summons a character from another game. Brawl also introduced the Smash Ball, which when broken allows fighters to perform a character-specific special attack known as the "Final Smash".

The game can be fun or boring depending on what kind of game you like, but the fact that you can play with your favorite character from different Nintendo games is the best part of this game.


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