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By: Sam Woo

April 12, 2019

Doing homework is a way to study or review the work done in school. Going back to my childhood, I had a test in science class, and the teacher gave us a paper to review for the test which I didn’t because I was too lazy. When I took the test the next day, I knew I failed, and was harshly scolded by my mom and got told to study and review. In my room, I was squeezing my head trying to come up with ideas to review, which then the word homework came into my mind. I started to do all the homework assignments that was given in science class, and the day came: TEST DAY! I reviewed the homework by seeing it over and over again. I had a good feeling before I took the test, and after the test was over, felt as if I can fly.

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Doing homework will change your grade. Although you might feel lazy and not wanting to do it, I strongly recommend that you do. Before the test, it is important to look over the homework all over again to make sure you recall the information you have learned in class. Homework can feel a little unnecessary for some people. But after you do it, you will be satisfied because the test grade will go up and the homework grade will also go up.

According to my experience, doing homework is the best way to study for a test and will make your mother happy because your grade is good. The biggest advantage, at least for me, is that your mom will let you play games when she sees your improved grade and won’t be able to say anything scornful which is what most of the moms will do, unless her goal is too high for you.


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