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Back to the future

By: Sam Woo

May 3, 2019

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This movie is called back to the future and it has 3 episode and the one I am introducing is the first one because I think most of the important part is at the front like how they went to future and how they lived how they started liking each other and etcs so to start off there was a guy called marty mcfly goes back to the future with a inventor but if they want to go to the future they needed a special type of gas and the gas was the gas needed for nucleus bomb so It is hard to get but the doctor stole it from a mafia group so right when the doctor wanted to go to the future the mafia group came so they had to hurry and the doctor seemed like he died shooted by a gun and the boy did the time travel not getting the gas for the nucleus so he went to a farmer's house and got attacked because the farmer’s family thought the car was a monster so he somehow ran away but can’t go back to past or future anymore. Later he goes to where he lived and sees his girlfriend and the doctor comes and let the girlfriend also come so this is about what happened.

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How I felt about the movie is the movie is good but the movie is too long and hard to understand so if I would give a 1 to 10 I would give 8.


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