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By: Sam W. and Esther K.

March 11, 2019

Worlds Biggest Video Platform

YouTube is used by thousands of people all over the world every day. People view a huge variety of content that both educates and even entertains them. YouTube has become a significant part of our lives and influences us in our classrooms and homes. Accessible on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other devices; it is very convenient. We are able to release stress through the funny videos that people upload on the video portal.

Despite its benefits, YouTube has its drawbacks. When used unwisely, it can take over a good chunk of our time. It may also promote inappropriate games or contents that we should avoid.  Even though YouTube is an entertaining platform to use, it can also be a negative influence on us.

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People have the proclivity to be largely influenced by famous YouTubers, while not everything they say may be beneficial. The more famous the streamers are, the worse the influence, resulting in a harmful stain in the culture that we live in.

However, there’s a site called TubeCash that helps you earn cash by watching YouTube. Through that, we can use cash in many useful situations where we can influence the world in a better way.

 So, in conclusion, I recommend that you watch YouTube during your free time! YouTube can be used in many useful ways, including educational purposes and entertainment. Keep in mind that you can even earn money while watching videos on YouTube! Do be careful since watching videos, thanks to its autoplay, can get very addictive. I would finish by rating YouTube a stunning 9 out of a 10.


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