Boy’s Sports


By: Keaira

Apr. 1, 2019

Credit: Ms. Lee

Credit: Ms. Lee

Wednesday April 3rd, 2019, The ICS boys played Kent the guys lost  just by two point, but they played great, and they worked as a team. Even though they lost they smile on their faces and their we’re have happy in the end.

When at end of the game they we’re tired. The coaches were happy that the teachers played their best, and they had fun. The coaches may have yelled at the boys to work harder, but they meant it out of love.

The guys learned from the goal the other team made that they have to be aggressive and try hard to get the ball away from the opponents. The sad thing was the guys seemed sad that they didn’t win. Halfway through the game the boys seemed tired, but they were only tired because the team kept the ball and trying to shoot, but guys most of the time got the ball out of the defessive area.  When they opponents scored Jullian the goalie seemed mad because he couldn’t keep the ball from going into the goal.

A few minutes left into the game Joon Young scored two goals right before the ref blew the whistle.

In end the game points were 1 to 3, but didn’t not stop the from playing their hardest.

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