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Snow Day!

By: Lucy

Jan. 11, 2019

On Friday, school was canceled due to the snowfall and slippery conditions of the roads, and a lot of students and teachers were excited about this snow day. So, I interviewed some teachers and students about how they spent their snow day.

Keaira Richardson in 8th grade shared about her snow day with me. As usual she woke up, got dressed, and waited for her bus. But when the bus didn’t show up, she looked at her clock, and it was already 6:58! Right then her dad called her and said, “Oh, there’s no school today”. She just stood there for a while saying “WHAT!” twelve times, and bellowed in anger. Keaira quickly went upstairs, put on her pajamas again and watched tv on bed, then went back to sleep. At 10:20 she woke up again and realized that her room was a mess, and  cleaned the house little bit. After the cleaning , she went outside and laid on snow for three hours: she played in the snow and threw some snowballs. Then she watched more TV.

Credit: Shutter stock

Credit: Shutter stock

Ms. Lockman was so excited that she couldn’t go back to sleep, but eventually fell back to sleep and slept until 10:30 am. When she woke up, she got her coffee and watched Netflix for a few hours. Then she walked through the snow for a while, enjoying the cold snowbreeze. She went to the gym and exercised for an hour, and when she got tired, headed back to her house. At night, she and the other teachers had a pizza night. She said, “I enjoyed my snow day very much”.

Ms. Lee said that a snow day is winter's gift to the teachers. Whenever a snow day is announced, there is a deep level of excitement that kids feel when they see snow for the first time, and as much as the students like snow days, teachers love snow days too. She felt so much excitement to the point where she could not go back to sleep for a while. On her snow day, she actually went into work mode to get some work done. Afterwards, she spent most of the day just cooking, cleaning, reading, and playing video games. To her, doing normal everyday things on a school day is special.

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