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By: Samuel

Oct. 18, 2018

Yearbook Team

Yearbook Team

We are currently in the ILTRM (I love to read month).

During this month various students from middle school and up are reading to the elementary students. Also each student records the time they spent reading each week. They will receive different prizes depending on what their total of minutes are. The prizes vary from elevator passes, dress down, snacks, and everyone who reaches the maximum amount of minutes eats lunch with Mr. Loch and gets a chance to win a gift card. The students received a team with the theme of superheroes.

Yearbook Team

Yearbook Team


The 1st quarter is coming to an end on Friday October 12. As a result of the quarter ending, report cards will also be coming out as well. So far this year we have had numerous field trips for the elementary, also we the volleyball teams have competed many times. We have made a new school newspaper/website. 25% of the year has already flown by, so what can you do to make the rest of the year not only memorable but also profitable and meaningful in the lives of your classmates.

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