Good News

By: Yun

November 9, 2018


A generous man spends 44 years to treat 2 million people  

Dr. Ramana in India has treated over 2 million people at no cost. He is running a free-clinic in a small Indian town.

He provides everything from surgery to skincare! He never charged his patients and displayed his generosity to the villagers. His wife and the other doctors working for him are known to have been his patients.

Dr. Ramana only treats a certain number of patients a day; one time, there were 2,000 people who were waiting in line. Surprisingly, he provides food and supply for the people who wait outside. The clinic is getting support from several volunteer groups.


Learning makes people positive

Early in the morning, in Oakland Unified School in California, about 20 mothers learn the English language.

These classes are for immigrant parents who are still in the process of learning American culture and language. Thankfully, these programmes had a dramatic impact on relationships between students and parents; parents became increasingly involved with their children’s academic activities at school.

Parents were also taught to encourage their children whenever they were struggling with their assignments; the students got higher scores on their tests. On top of that, parents got better jobs thanks to these classes. Although these classes are not so popular in America, it would be nice if other schools had a similar education system supporting immigrant parents.


Vending machines help homeless people

There are vending machines in Muncie, Indiana, that provide supplies for free. These vending machines were made for the homeless who are in dire need of food and supply. After serving for the community, the homeless are able to use these vending machines in return.

All the supplies in the machines are donated by people who experience less financial burden. People wanted to make these vending machines because “we really want to use something like this to reach out to people. It does demonstrate that our community cares.”