Good News

By: Christian

October 19, 2018

Image from  Washington Post

Image from Washington Post

Saving Doggos 101

Tony Alsup from Texas saves dogs from hurricanes by buying a school bus and saving them. In Good News Network words, “...he is using it as a makeshift Noah’s Ark.” Tony is saving dogs and cats that weren’t evacuated in  prior to the hurricanes. All the way back in 2017, Alsup had heard that animals were in danger due to Hurricane Harvey. Like the norm, he bought and renovated a school bus, filling it with kennels and started to pick up as many animals as he could that were on loose. He also used the same bus to save animals from Hurricane Irma. During Hurricane Maria, however, he couldn’t use his bus while volunteering to look after horses. Now, Tony is travelling across North and South Carolina to rescue pets from Hurricane Florence. Last week, Alsup was able to rescue 64 animals from 4 different shelters in 2 days. He brought them to his friend’s animal shelter in Alabama before he started picking up more animals.

Image from  TakePart

Image from TakePart

The Art of Algaemy (Alchemy)

2 Dutch scientists are replacing plastic with algae in their city in attempt to  the use of plastic forever. Algae are extremely easy to find and they have the ability to take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Although this function may be nice for the planet, the scientists Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have found another use for Algae. They  made a bioplastic made from algae which can replace plastic. Dros and Klarenbeek created their own algae plastic for items like trash cans, tableware, and shampoo bottles. This new invention could improve our living status rather than dragging it down like plastic.

Image from  Amazon

Image from Amazon

Money Confetti

Ben and Jackee Belnap had a large mishap with their 2 year old son, Leo, who found an envelope with money in the kitchen counter of their home in Holladay, Utah. The Belnaps had been saving up money to pay Ben’s parents back, because they needed to pay them for University of Utah football season tickets. Once they received the $1,060, they placed it on the counter so they wouldn’t forget. One day, however,, the money disappeared, leaving them confused and searching their house. Leo loved to use the paper shredder, so he decided to help his parents out by shredding the envelope with their money. Good kid. The Belnaps were able to recover their money by calling the bureau, where they were instructed to send it to department. They will be getting their money back, but people wanted to set up a GoFundMe. Ben and Jackee have declined the offer and requested that they send the money to the Refugee Aid charity.