Good News

By: Christian

March 8, 2019

Low Battery? Just use a Plastic Bag

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Many peoples’ phones are always at a low battery percentage, but that can be fixed with this new possibility. Scientists from Purdue University have created a way that can change plastic into “carbon chips that are found in lithium batteries used to power portable electronics, toys, and medical devices.”

This could solve the plastic recycling crisis while also being able to power electrical devices. Although experts had already speculated the ability to use plastic bags for energy-storing carbon, their previous attempts have failed or ended up being too expensive or complex.

The solution isn’t expensive, but it is simple and efficient.  Once this is done, they take the sulphonated polyethylene from the reactor and heat it in a furnace in an inert atmosphere, creating pure carbon. This carbon is then grounded into black powder for lithium battery anodes.

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The Galapagos Tortoise is Back!

The Galapagos tortoise has been believed to have been extinct for over 100 years (they have been last seen 1906), but it has recently been found on the island of Fernandina. The island has been closed to find more tortoises to save them from extinction.

Due to this new discovery, conservationists have been working to save the tortoise species. “This encourages us to strengthen our search plans to find other turtles, which will allow us to start a breeding program in captivity to recover this species,” said Danny Rueda, director of the Galápagos National Park. The Galapagos tortoise that was found is believed to be over 100 years old. The Minister of the Environment, Marcelo Mata Guerrero, has stated that the Galápagos National Park will be supported by the National Government and the Ministry of Environment to help the preservation of the species.

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The Story of Shelby

The story of Shelby started with a flashback in which she was going through the trash in Nashville, Tennessee. Megan Buhler (a Cheatham County Animal Control officer) saw Shelby, and Buhler was able to get Shelby into her truck. Shelby was then taken to a vet, where she was fed and vaccinated.

Afterwards, the vet took professional pictures of the dog smiling to help increase adoption rates. These pictures led Shelby to Hollywood.

Filmmakers were preparing to start a new movie called A Dog’s Way Home (based on a novel). The film was about a dog named Bella who was taken away from her owner, which resulted in her 400-mile journey back home. Teresa Ann Miller (an experienced dog trainer who was recruited and worked with hundreds of Hollywood dogs) began to search for a dog to portray Bella. Although she found 3 possible dogs, none of them fit her image. Luckily, she was able to find Shelby, who was perfect as an image, but also perfect in behaviour and temperament. Afterward, Shelby became a therapy dog in California for hospitals, special needs schools, and veterans’ homes.