Good News

By Yun

February 22, 2019

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A School Full of Hope

In Oklahoma City, United States, a school for homeless children is in the process of being constructed. Positive Tomorrows, a non-profit organization behind the school’s founding, is trying to build this school for the growth and wellbeing of the students.

One of many extraordinary parts of this school is the "living room" for the students and their family. Since the students and their parents don’t have a stable living space, the organization wanted to provide a place where everyone can relax and eat their dinner like a normal family would do.

Prospective students are participating in building the school with a strong determination to set the campus theme as “Dream Big.” They are preparing to make rooms with personalized space in addition to rooms for socialising which will help them enhance their ability to interact with new people.

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Hello to the New Island

In 2014, a big eruption took place in the South Pacific kingdom in Tonga. Surprisingly, the eruption created an island which scientists assumed would survive only for a few months; the island located near Australia, however, still exists to this day.

The reason that the island is existing is the ash and seawater which produced some kind of a chemical reaction; this chemical reaction is said to be the key to such a long-lasting survival of the island. However, scientists predict that the island would disappear off the map in about 30 years.  

Despite the limited amount of time that scientists can visit and investigate the land, they have made some discoveries that are very interesting and unique to the island. One of the greatest discoveries made yet is the light-coloured mud that is carpets the shore of the island and scientists are doing their best to look for more information regarding the special soil.

Scientists are hopeful that they will make more fascinating discoveries that are to come within the 30 years they have to find more about the island.

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Receipts of Encouragement

In Camillus, New York, a cashier named Kelly Stewart gave courage and blew positivity into hundreds of customers in a month. Kelly started working at Taco Bell 4 months ago where she started to write  encouraging words on the back of the receipts of her customers. Despite the fact that it’s always chaotic inside the fast food restaurant, she managed to write these kind notes to cheer for the customers, hoping that they would have a good day.

She received a lot of positive feedback from her customers saying that her kind words helped an uncountable number of people in different situations. A lot of customers are now asking Taco Bell to reward the cashier for what she had done.

Stewart’s main reason behind these messages, she said, were related to her love for people. She also wanted to be a good role model for her son.