Good News

By Keaira

December 7, 2018

Credit to  BBC

Credit to BBC

Saving The Black-Footed Ferrets

Scientists in Wyoming are trying to save the ferrets. However, a whole bunch of people have asked questions about how they are going to save them. The scientists said that they are going to try using CRISPR, but they are concerned about using it because it is still relatively new.

CRISPR will help the process of saving the ferrets by finding out about disease resistance or even genetic diversity. This technology could be something which could possibly save other animals like the bush elephant if it saves the ferrets. Specialists and scientists are still working on the project.

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. CRISPR works by a sequence which is transcribed into the short RNA sequence, which is then capable of guiding the RNA to the right system of DNA.

Credit to  Good News Network

Finding The Molecule That Helps Arthritis

Researchers have discovered a molecule that can help people from pain caused by Arthritis. Moreover, a group of MIT engineers have created a drug that involves a special molecule, and can help soothe the pain. This drug helps preventing the  breakdown of cartilage by putting a layer of protection over the cartilage from breaking or tearing a ligament.

Although it has successfully worked on animals, the MIT engineers are still trying it out on humans to see if it works on them. The MIT team has figured out that the sphere-shaped molecule has helped with the pain of the joints. They concluded that this drug could really help with Arthritis.

Credit to  Good News Network

Precious Heartwarming Letter

Stephen Curry wrote a heartwarming letter to one of his fans as a reply to her letter. A 9 year old girl named Riley really liked him, which drove her to take such action. One day she went to get the new Curry 5’s in Under Armour, but the store only had them for boys. Upon seeing this, she wrote the letter to him, and he thought it was beautiful.

When he read the letter, Curry wrote back to Riley with a pair of Curry 5’s for her. He also added that he will be sending her a pair of the new Curry 6’s when they come out on Christmas Day. Curry invited the youngster to the game in Oakland on International Women’s day for a special event.

That is the sweetest thing that someone could possibly do for a fan of his. Stephen Curry has the warmest heart.