Good News

By Lucy

November 30, 2018


Jews and Muslims Work in Harmony

Credit to  BBC

Credit to BBC

During a celebration that occured at East London Mosque, a group of Jews and Muslims met to share a common belief in both religions: to share kindness with the community around them. The celebration was called the Mitzvah Day, which is a day of social action made by people of various faiths. When they gathered at the Mosque, they made 1,000 bowls of chicken soup for the homeless.  Laura Marks, the founder and chair of Mitzvah Day, said, “We are both commanded by our faith to do good deeds and contribute to society. Most of the Jews here today won’t have been in a mosque before, and most Muslims won’t have Jewish friends. But here we are, chopping vegetables together.” The celebration was successful in drawing very different religions together for the common good of people in need.


Cruise for the Homeless

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In Portland, Oregon, Kenneth Caprons saw a need for the homeless to get shelter. He addressed the city council of Portland about the issue and was given $250,000 to be used for his vision. There was a cruise ship no longer in use that could house 800 people with additional 300 crew members that could give support, so they began the process of renovating the ship into shelter. “I have no idea if it’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard, or the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard, but what I like about it is that he’s coming up with creative ways to figure out how to build housing in the city of Portland,”. Hopefully, Hope Harbor is a big success and reaches many homeless people and gives them encouragement.


Hotel for the Hurricane Victims

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After the Hurricane Florence destroyed many homes and businesses, Jaret Hucks who owns the Midtown Inn and Cottages in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina decided to help the evacuees for free. Even though he had to spend about $50,000 (50,000,000 won) worth of money just to take care of his neighbors, he did not care about the money. He gave away 1,000 free nights to the poor and neighbors and those who had lost everything in the storm. “Love thy neighbor, right? That’s what you’re supposed to do,”. Many people who heard about Jaret Hucks’ kindness towards his neighbors were inspired and began to give him supplies for the homeless and help out in any way they could.