Good News

By Devin

January 11th, 2019

Credit to  GoodNewsNetwork

Credit to GoodNewsNetwork

The gift from the enemy

In Paradise, California, a school named Paradise Adventist Academy was burned down. Despite the fact that they lost their uniforms and equipments in the fire, the players of the volleyball team were required to play in their semifinal championships match. When the players arrived at their opposing team’s school, they saw their gift. The opposing school Forest Lake Christian High School in Auburn gave them $16,000, which they collected in 24 hours. They were also gifted new uniforms and other equipments. Each player was also given $300 gift card. The gift of the opposing team’s school was very courteous.

Credit to  BigRep

Credit to BigRep

Futuristic Motorcycle “Nera”

The German manufacturing company BigRep has developed the world's first entirely 3D-printed electric motorcycle. This amazing piece of tech is called “Nera”, and it comes with an airless tire which is pretty amazing.

It is said that this motorcycle only weighs 60 Kilos(132 pounds), and this is outstanding because the average motorcycle weighs about 180 kilos(400 pounds). Since this project is only a prototype, nobody really knows when or where this product is going to come out for sale, but it is still surprising that the technology has developed to this level.

Credit to  GoodNewsNetwork

Credit to GoodNewsNetwork

Precious Heartwarming Letter

The inmates in Bladen County, North Carolina, were picking up trash when their supervisor James Smith became unconscious. When Smith was not in the condition to answer questions, the inmates rushed to the phone and called the ambulance.

The paramedics escorted Smith to Cape Fear Valley medical center, and luckily, the doctors were able to save him. While the supervisor is still resting in the hospital, these men are awarded the sheriff department’s esteemed Life-Saving Award. This reward could help the inmates get a job after they get out of prison, but the men simply say that they are happy that Smith is alive.